Keeping my Sanity in Times of Crisis

The idea for the Lockdown collection was born in fall of 2020 when it was clear that my home country of Germany was taking serious measures again. It is designed with artwork resembling my very personal experience during these months that seem to be becoming years of isolation and supression. For now, there are three patterns in the collection, but it will be growing as we move on.

  • GARLIC: when we went into lockdown, I started cooking with more garlic than ever before. We don’t have personal meetings anymore so who cares. And it’s super healthy, right?
  • COUNTING: we’re living in constant chaos not knowing when our government chooses to reopen shops or lock up the whole country. There is no strategie, so we’re counting the days until the next meeting of our Chancellorette.
  • CHEERS: shows two bottles of a well known beer brand, even more famous than before. I didn’t want to draw a virus, this is what came to my mind.


  • fine art prints
  • stationary
  • fabric
  • home decor