A growing collection of shiny themes.

I’m always amazed of the colors I see in wilderness. Flora and Fauna presents itself with shining beauty.
The dragonflies visit our garden in summer. We don’t have a pond in our garden, they live in nearby biotopes and on wet grounds. Leaves are hit by sunlight or moonshine and reflect gorgeously the colors of the surroundings. How the jellyfish made it into the collection – I don’t know 😉 They just belong there.

All patterns are based on pen and pencil drawings from my sketchbook. I digitalize them and import into Adobe Photoshop, where I clip them and create the color compositions. They can be reworked in Illustrator, but all patterns are created ultra high res. It’s a growing collection, I will add patterns when I created new artwork.


  • wall art
  • stationary
  • fabric
  • home decor